Reactions to the CCS explosion in Norway vary widely

The terrible events that happened this morning in Norway strongly questions the future role of Carbon Capturing Storage technologies. Several delegates therefore acknowledge the changed importance of such solutions and stress the breakthroughs in other fields of the COP25 negotiations. However, the WCA, IGU and IOGP commented on the situation by pointing out the positive aspects of CCS plants. 

“The average CCS plant is currently able to capture 85-95% of CO2. This is a promising statistic, yet there remains a high potential for further improvement, and thus for increased climate change mitigation through CCS. Therefore, we stress that we must continue optimizing current practices and this requires further investments. This announcement shouldn’t hold us from exploring CCS now and in the future. Moreover, even the IPCC affirmed that in order to reach the 1.5C target, we must integrate CCS to the mitigation portfolio. We should not waste the knowledge and milestones we have achieved, but rather invest in improving further to allow big industries to reduce their emissions, rather sooner than later.”

However, NGOs such as the WWF stress that mitigation should be progressed with sustainable and secure measures prioritized over technological solutions that might never make a significant contribution. 

“Even with new CSS technologies, the emissions will always be there. A clear shift towards renewables is needed to help the planet combat climate change. Moreover, we want to stress the dangers related to such experiments, as the recent accident in Norway exemplifies.”

It comes down to the distinguished delegates to decide what role CCS should play in the final agreement of COP25.


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