“Today we think of our mother”

With the last working group session starting this moment, the big question remains whether a common and strong agreement can be passed at the COP25 in Cologne. Big issues remain unsolved despite the limited time available. In the mitigation group, an agreement on financial contributions to the mitigation fund and green climate fund seems likely, however the discussion covering compliance is still to come. The adaptation working group reached consensus on the matters discussed with regards to the adaptation fund. However, it still needs to agree on a solution in the article three (lost and damage) and article four (climate refugees). In the market mechanisms group, most agenda items related to REDD+ were passed, however there are still disagreements in aviation and shipping as well as the Sustainable Development Mechanism (SDM). 

While the distinguished delegates run out of time, passionate speeches were given in  the second last plenary session. The representatives of the attending NGOs once more stressed the urgency for strong and binding measures. Inspired by today’s Mother’s Day, NGOs recalled the central importance of Mother Earth for our all survival: “

“Yesterday, you have made an ambitious commitment – the commitment to stick to 1.5°. The problem is these are the words we are hearing in the working groups, and they are insanely weak and take us nowhere. It is hippocratic. Now it is time to make commitments.

This is the time for clear language that puts ambition in writing. We, as representatives of the civil society, urge you to be clear and strong in the use of language so that this agreement will not be just words, but make an actual difference. At the end of today, we want an agreement that shapes our future considerably.”

In addition, the distinguished delegate of the Solomon Island reminded the assembled delegates in an emotional speech, that their homes are sinking and only 130 months remain until irreversible damage is done.


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